The big question

Why can't I resell my ebook?

If I could, I would read more, more people would read. Unlike paperback, if every resale brings royalty back to the author, more people will write and make a better living.

Think of a place where you buy an ebook, read it and then sell it back to get part of the money you spent. And with every resale, author of the book also gets a cut. This will effectively turn every reader in to an ambassador or affiliate at the least.

Amazon kindle store pays only 35% or 70% as a royalty to the authors. And the life cycle of the ebook copy ends at the time of purchase; meaning, there is no more royalty to the author from that person.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine this

  • A book priced at $20
  • Sells at $20, author gets 90% ie. $18 and you as a platform gets $2 commission
  • Purchaser pays $20 and happily reads the book. Platform and purchaser shares a token of purchase
  • Now, purchaser resells the book on the same platform validating via a token.
  • Purchaser prices the book at $20, can be more if its a limited edition.
  • Purchaser promotes the sale eg. social media.
  • On resale, purchaser gets 50%, Author gets 40% royalty, platform gets 10% commission.

Everyone is happy, more ebooks will be sold and authors don't have to price it cheap.


To start, you can build something simple that only works on a single platform and then expand to build a standard protocol. You might wanna look in to cryptography and NFTs, this might be a real world and useful case for NFTs.

Lets try to name this service

We will be using IDEA Ramen of course to name our platform.

Let's give it a text 'A platform to resell ebooks' to the magic domain name generator and see what it comes up with.

As you can see, IDEA Ramen magical domain name generator makes it so easy and interesting to find available .com domain names.

Before we part

You are free to copy this idea and build upon. We think, it can be one of the best projects ever!

If not, build anything, anything that comes to your mind. Anything thats useful to you or to anyone out there. Or even something just for fun.

Goodluck ♥