An AI prompt is basically a question in the form of instruction set that you give to a pre trained AI in order to generate an output. For AI, the equation is simple, the better the input the better is the output. An AI prompt for a copy writing project could look something like this:

Write a blog post about the importance of [....]
For example [give at least one example]
Persuade the reader to [....]
End with a conclusion that [....]

Most AI's (especially the once derived from GPT-3) can only produce good results when a good and clear prompt is given. Just like humans, General AI is not psychic and cannot produce good results without specifically being told what exactly is expected as an output.

Creating clear and smart AI prompts is an art that can be mastered over time. However, like any creative skill, some will do better than others. Also, the more time you spend mastering AI prompts, the better you will be.

In a very near future, this skill might be more valuable than any other engineering or marketing skills currently in existence. More and more businesses will be relying on AI to produce content, code and even design; which will require the expertise of AI 'prompters'.

So the idea is simple

Create a peer to peer marketplace where people can trade AI prompts and services. This could be the goto marketplace for the marketeers, copy writers, designers and engineers. This could also serve as a testing ground for companies creating AI softwares like OpenAI, Copy AI, Jarvis AI; they can hire quality AI prompters to test new features and new products.

Sky is not the limit here. Only imagination is.

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As always, you are free to take this idea and build upon. Good luck!